Deposit Policy

A deposit is required to connect service with CCEC. However, the deposit may be waived four ways:

  • Sign up for PrePay.

  • Proof of payment for the most recent 12-month period on an established account with the Cooperative maintaining an "A" credit rating

  • A letter of credit from your current or previous electric utility showing no more than one late pay in the last 12 months

  • A satisfactory credit report ($10 fee)

  • An eligible guarantor signs a contract (for residential accounts only) guaranteeing final payment on your account ($10)

CCEC requires a deposit based on the highest estimated power bill for 2.5 months of service. Minimum new home deposit is $250. If you are disconnected for nonpayment, you may be required to pay an additional deposit amount to cover the formula above. Deposits are refunded with interest after 36 months of good payment history. If you move before that time, we apply the deposit to the final bill and return any remaining money to you. 

Returned Check Policy

When a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, the account is debited the amount of the check, plus a $25 fee. Extensions will not be given for payment on a returned check. Members whose checks are returned will be placed on cash-only payment status for 12 months, and may be charged an additional deposit. 

Residential Service Fees

  • Connect = $15 (premium/same-day, add $25)

  • Late Charge = $5

  • Returned Check = $25

  • Field Service Charge = $30 each for...

    • delinquent disconnect/reconnect trip

    • delinquent field extension/collection

  • After Hours Charge = $45