Our Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI Meters), coupled with our outage management system, allow us to send alerts when your power goes out. It also allows you report an outage by texting "OUT"  or check the progress of outage restoration by typing "STATUS" to 1.800.682.2217.

If you do not want to receive outage alerts from us, please type STOP ALL. Do not type “opt out.” The system "thinks" you are reporting an outage anytime you use the word "OUT"

If you did not get a message, make sure your account contact information is up to date. You can submit updates three ways:

1. On our website.

2. By email to customerservice@ccemc.com.

3. Through PowerPay24 (click “accounts” under the Profile tab). 

You can also sign up by texting CCEMC to 1.800.682.2217. Please allow 24 hours for your information to be entered into our texting program. 

Coupled with our outage map (http://outage.carteretcraven.coop) you can be stay informed and be reassured that we know about your outage and are working on it.