Electric Service Address
Is primary residence same as service address?
Primary Residence (if different from service address)
Is mailing address same as primary residence?
Mailing Address
My participation in the MAG is entirely voluntary. The MAG is limited to an advisory role and does not make decisions for CCEC. I will not receive any compensation or reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of being a member of the MAG. I may terminate my participation in the MAG at any time. The MAG has a limited number of spaces available to members, and CCEC may defer my application until such time spaces are available. CCEC may discontinue, suspend, disband, or reform the MAG at any time. If I stop being a member of CCEC, my membership and participation on the MAG will automatically cease. CCEC may terminate my membership on the MAG if I fail to participate in one or more MAG meetings. Any input I provide to CCEC as part of the MAG may be used by CCEC in its member and public communications or for any other purpose CCEC determines is helpful to its operations and planning process. CCEC may publish my name as a member of the MAG unless I request in writing that CCEC not do so. CCEC will not sell or rent my personal information gathered through the MAG to any third parties. In accordance with federal and state civil rights regulations and policies, CCEC will not prohibit participation in the MAG based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, income derived from a public assistance program, political beliefs, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity, but CCEC may encourage participation by, or hold MAG spaces for, members of certain demographic groups to help establish a cross-section of members serving on the MAG.
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